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Sometimes, being a pastor's wife can seem lonely. Sometimes you can feel that no one around you seems to understand the unique pressures you face, and sometimes you feel there's no one you can confide in. That's what we're here for! We're a group of pastors' wives who've been there ourselves, and we're here to help you in any way we can. We're not a substitute for your relationship with God; but we are here to support you -- as a sounding board, a listening ear, and a friend you can count on.

Message Board Staff

Would you like to meet the the pastor's wife volunteers behind our message board? They do their best to make sure everyone's experience on our forum is a pleasant one. To read more about them and what they do, click here>>>

Message Board Topics

We have a variety of general topics for pastors' wives and specialized topics of interest to women in ministry with their husbands. Some of our members prefer to "hang out" in the forum devoted to their topic of interest, while others choose to view all new posts since their last visit. Whatever the case, there's a place for you on our forum.

We have a special place just for new members to get their feet wet, as well as a help center for those who may be new to message boards and/or feeling lost. Other topics on our forum include:

  • Dear Fishbowl
  • Small Talk, Fishbowl Funnies, Fun -n- Games
  • Prayer, Pastor's Wife of the Week, Praises
  • Terminations/Forced Resignations (aka "The Crisis Room")
  • The Library -- Book Discussions, Bible Study, Devotions
  • The Think Tank
  • Ministry Discussion, with special sub-forums for Children's Ministry, Music & Worship Ministry, Youth Ministry, and Women's Ministry
  • Networking, with special sub-forums for Church Planters, Missions & International Ministry, Special Needs Ministry, and Traveling Ministries.
  • Denominational Networking
  • Marriage & Family
  • Home, Home? Have You Seen My Range???

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How Does The Message Board Work?

Our Message Board is open to any pastor's wife who has registered. This makes for a safe place to "be ourselves" without judgment. An online message board works like this: One person types a question, situation, or statement. Other members of the Board can read it and reply under what the previous person has written. Most posts receive numerous replies; some long some short.

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