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Registering and Logging into the Message Board

We are so glad that you are interested in joining our online community for Pastors' Wives. Below is a detailed account of how to set up your membership on the forums. You may want to print it out for reference while you are registering. Members are allowed only one account, so if you have any problems after registering, please contact an administrator rather than attempting to register again.

1. When you first register, you will be asked to provide your e-mail address, and to choose a username (which cannot be changed) and a password. We highly recommend that you do not use your real name as your username. You will also need to verify your age by giving your birthdate. We also highly recommend leaving the box that keeps your e-mail address hidden checked, but it is your choice on whether to display your age.

2. Once you submit your registration, your account will be sent to a staff member for approval. Within 24 hours of registering, you will receive an e-mail from our staff asking you to provide additional information. Please do not ignore this email! This is how we weed out spammers from our forums. The information you provide is for verification purposes only. It will not be shared or sold to a third party, and will never be used for solicitation purposes. For more information, please see our privacy policy.

If you do not reply to this e-mail within 14 days, your account will be deleted from the forums to reduce our backlog, and you will need to re-apply if you still desire membership. For this reason, it is important to let us know if you're not receiving the information request from our staff.

3. Also after you register, an activation e-mail will be sent to the address you provided. It will most likely arrive before the information request from our staff. This is your choice whether you activate your account via e-mail. However, if you do not, you will be unable to receive any notifications from the boards when a member sends you a private message or for topics you subscribe to.

4. Once approved, you can log in to the board. You can change your profile information, password, display name, etc. by clicking on "Profile," under the banner at the top of the page.

*Your approval time depends on the time it takes to verify your information. The more accurate and complete your information, the better.

** If someone referred you to the board be sure to mention their name to the staff member who contacts you. This will tremendously speed up your approval.

*** If you have any problems, please contact the board administrator or webmaster. Just email Administrator at pastorswives dot org using standard email format.



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How Does The Message Board Work?

Our Message Board is open to any pastor's wife who has registered. This makes for a safe place to "be ourselves" without judgment. An online message board works like this: One person types a question, situation, or statement. Other members of the Board can read it and reply under what the previous person has written. Most posts receive numerous replies; some long some short.

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