Pastors' Wives Thriving in the Fishbowl

Why merely survive when you can THRIVE?

Welcome to an online ministry of help, support, and encouragement to wives of pastors, ministers, missionaries, and clergy. You're the pastor's wife, and you're among friends! Online at, we help each other thrive in our "fishbowl life," not just survive. If your husband is in vocational ministry -- whether he ministers part-time or full-time; to children, youth, or adults -- you have found an online community of women facing similar joys and challenges. You truly are among friends at a website that honors, supports, encourages, and helps all pastors' wives, regardless of denomination.

Talk with Other Ministry Wives

You're the pastor's wife, and you need encouragement... Our Message Board (or message forum, as it's sometimes called) allows you to "talk" online with other pastors' wives from around the world. Our staff is here to watch over things and help you in any way we can, and the pastors' wives on our forum will be a blessing to you as well. Working together, we've become an online pastors' wives support group. We'll laugh with you, cry with you, share with you, learn with you, and pray with you. We don't have all the answers, but we can point you to the One who does. Let's walk this road together, as pastors' wives, sisters, and friends.

Discover Internet Resources & Find Help in Crisis

You're the pastor's wife, and you need help... The internet is full of helpful information, if you can find it online! We have links to everything for the pastor's family -- retreat centers, cabins for rent, discounts to use, and much more! As a pastor's wife, it can be hard to know where to go for help in a crisis. Confidential sources are out there just for wives of pastors, as well as for ministry couples. Find the professional, support group, or ministry that can provide the specific help and support you need in our online resource directory tailored just for you -- the pastor's wife.

Learn From Other Pastors' Wives

You're the pastor's wife, and you need mentoring... Gain wisdom and insight into issues that we as pastors' wives share -- handling criticism, dealing with gossip, cooking for potlucks, finding shower gifts, and other more sensitive and complex issues. The pastor's wife has so many unique concerns that only another pastor's wife can truly understand. That's why PastorsWives.Org is online.

Be Encouraged

You're the pastor's wife, and you need friends! We all need encouraging words. Find a fresh wind and comfort in God's Word, and in the encouraging words of other ministry wives. Relax and enjoy the company of women whom you can identify with and who can understand you. We're in this together, as pastors' wives and friends.


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