Practical Help for Pastors' Wives

Candidating, Interviewing, or "In View of a Call"

Getting ready for the Candidating day or weekend


· Spiritual readiness—have a consistent, relational quiet time with the Lord.

· Skill sharpening—prepare your message and prepare your questions

· Knowledge base—find out as much as you can about the church--its origins, its leadership, its history, and its vision. Learn as much as you can about the economic climate of the church and the area. Realistically, what is an adequate salary for your family? Check real estate prices online at and cost of living guides at homebuyer's fair.

    Know yourself:

    your leadership style

    your teamwork style

    your strengths

    your weaknesses

    your values--

      (What is important to you in the church?
      What are you passionate about?)

Questions the church might ask you

Interview time! They want to get to know you. You have been accredited and approved for candidating by the National Office and/or your district. Now the church simply wants to understand for themselves who you are and how you will fit into the ministry God has built in their community. Be real!

Be prepared to talk about:

· your conversion experience.

· your call to ministry.

· the affirmations of your call.

· your relationship with the Holy Spirit.

· your relationship to your spouse (if applicable).

· your priorities in ministry.

· your experiences in ministry activities.

Articles from the web:

From Leadership Journal:
29 Questions to Ask the Pulpit Committee
What you gotta know before you go.

by Ginger E. McFarland

The Search Committee Dating Game
Seven courting disasters.
by John Beukema


What information do you need to help in your decision?

  • What is the financial commitment for outreach?

  • What is the provision for the pastor and family—moving, housing, utilities, insurance, ministry transportation, continuing education, pastoral enrichment (conferences, etc.).

  • Annual reports including the pastor’s report for the last three years?

  • Church attendance figures for the last three years?

Questions you may want to ask:

1. Ask for a church constitution, by-laws, articles of faith, standard for workers, etc.

2. Ask for a copy of their annual reports.

3. Ask to tour the facilities and community.

4. Ask what Christian education (Sunday School, etc.) curriculum they use.

5. Ask what mission agencies, colleges, etc. they support. Do they have a pre-determined policy that covers these things?

6. Ask for a description of all ministries. (women’s groups, children’s clubs, etc.)

7. Ask about the length of stay of their recent pastors.

8. Ask about the area’s cost of living. (insurance, utilities, housing, clothing, groceries, etc.)

9. Ask about the decision-making process and how changes occur.

10. Ask to meet key laymen or staff people.

11. Ask about the church secretary, office hours, etc. What time do the people in this community go to work themselves?

12. Ask about schools in the area - public and Christian.

13. Ask to see church attendance records.

14. Ask to share your philosophy and goals with them.

15. Ask if any other candidate is coming before they vote.

16. Ask what kind of vote it would take for the church to call you.

If an associate - ask to see a written job description. To whom are you responsible?

18. If an associate - ask for the senior pastor’s philosophy of ministry, etc.

19. If an associate - ask how long the pastor expects to stay.

20. Ask questions about the church’ s or pastor’s stand on key issues (divorce, separation, Bible versions, church discipline, etc.)

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