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Sharing Your Testimony

As PW's, we may often be called on to give our testimony to our life in Christ. It may seem simple enough to give a verbal account of the truth of God's love in our lives...until we are asked to do it on the spot in front of a group!

For this reason, I have included information about how to summarize our walk of faith in a simple manner, so that you can have some "mental notes" prepared, just in case you are caught without any written ones.

From Campus Crusade for Christ's website, here is Bill Bright's online, interactive process for preparing your testimony.

5 Clicks to Sharing your Faith will help you learn how to communicate your own testimony of what God has done in your life, in a clear and effective manner. Most Christians don't know how to tell the story of their own testimony well. After going through the interactive 5 Clicks study, you will have put together your testimony, and learned how to share it in a way that will help you see results.

5 Clicks to Sharing your Faith is an interactive version of the study materials found in Bill Bright's book, 5 Steps to Sharing your Faith. In addition, there are helpful video segments from the Transferable Concepts series, and Witnessing Without Fear video training series. These video elements will help guide you through this study, and organize your thoughts. The video segments are short, and to the point.

I hope you find this interactive study helpful, and the study guide, of great value in your walk with God. Note: This interactive process requires use of Internet Explorer 4, or Netscape 6, or better. Can you see the image of Dr. Bright in the blue bar on the left? In not, upgrade your browser here: Internet Explorer | Netscape


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