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The Role of a Pastor's Wife

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Q. Okay..... So I'm sure many of you have been asked this question in your interview: "What would you say your role is as a pastor's wife?" What kinds of answers has everyone given? -davick92

(Because we are a diverse community, below you will find a variety of opinions from a variety of pastors' wives. The opinions expressed below are solely held by their respective authors and not necessarily by Fishbowl Ministries.)

I view my role in the church as a church member and Christian. The things I do at the church and volunteer for are the same things I did/would do at a church where I'm not the pastor's wife.

I also am a wife to my husband and support him in his ministry and in our marriage - just like any married couple should. -HappyHoo

I think the answer is different for each person. Each of us have been given different gifts. You need to do what you are gifted to do. I like to be involved, but I would be this involved even if my husband were not a pastor. I do think it is important for church members to know AHEAD of time what you see your role being. We had one pastor's wife say in an interview that she will support her husband. However, she has a career of her own which causes her to travel quite frequently. That let everyone know up front that she would not be at home all day. I did not have a problem with her saying that. She was honest about her role. If I overheard anyone making comments once this pastor's wife was at our church, I would remind them that she said in the interview that she had a career. We hired the pastor; we didn't hire her too! ;) -Dawn

I've answered this question a few times. I use the opportunity to share my priorities....God, husband, children, ministry. So, being a help-meet to my raise and educate my children, and then ministry. So that it doesn't sound like I don't have time for the church, I always share the types of ministry I've done before (webmaster, women's ministry, etc). -BelovedLamb

I've been "rehearsing" my answer to that question, in case it gets asked at the interview. I think I might say something like: "Well, my role as a pastor's wife is basically the same as any other wife in the church -- to honor and support my husband. As a pastor's wife, I would not be employed by the church, but would utilize my God-given gifts to volunteer in different areas of ministry. However, my priorities are to God first, then to my husband and children, and then to the members of the church." -Anonymous Pastor's Wife

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