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Resources for Those Battling Depression

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LeaderCare, a ministry of LifeWay Christian Resources. All calls are strictly confidential. More information on LeaderCare and Wounded Ministers can be requested from or by calling (615) 251-5618. LeaderCare officials reported that a network of more than 1,000 counselors is available through state conventions to assists ministers and their families.

Online Resources

Grace Works: Clergy Recovery Network


Christian Recovery International - Christian Recovery Resources Database, listing 2,000 Local Christian Support Groups. Organizations, Programs, Group Meetings and Counselors in the US & Canada, and outside of North America.


Articles on Christian or Pastoral Depression Articles re:: pastoral depression


Books on Christian or Pastoral Depression

Strength for the Journey: A Biblical Perspective on Depression and Discouragement by Paul Carlisle, a professor at Midwestern seminary (Lifeway, 1999).

Happiness Is A Choice: The Symptoms, Causes and Cures of Depression by Dr. Paul Meier.


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