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An excellent place to start a ministry job position is your alma mater. Every College and Seminary has a Placement department that receives requests from churches looking for graduates---both recent graduates and past graduates. This is an excellent start because you know they are already looking for something they will find on your resume---a degree from that particular school. Now, most schools only allow their own graduates to benefit from their church position list, but some don't. I have tried to list as many schools that do or may allow non-graduates to view their lists. In addition to your Seminary or Bible School's placement department, another good place to search is your denomination's website.

Inter-Denominational Listings

Christian Career Center
Christian Placements
Christian Jobs .Com
Chinese-American Church Staff
Chaplain Positions
Christianity Today
Church Jobs Online
Church Staff Search
Ministry Search
Minister Search
Ministry Development Council
Pastoral Search Network
Pastor Net

Bible Schools & Seminaries

Fuller Seminary

Denominational Placement Websites

Assemblies of God
Conservative Baptist
North American Baptist
NW Conservative Baptist
Midwest Baptist Conf
Pentecostal Holiness
Rocky Mountain Baptist
NorthEast Baptist
United Pentecostal


Relocation Helps

City & Town Information
Community Calculator
Cost of Living Calculator
Crime Statistics
Helping Kids Move
Lifestyle Optimizer
Moving Calculator
Moving Terminology
Real Estate Search


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